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Sugar and Spices 'Atrocities'

Hey, just found out - we are playing tonight, sorry 'bout the late notice. Its a free gig.

Thu 26th July 10pm
  Foghorn   The Safari Lounge, 116 Ponsonby Rd.

Also, New Zealands best comedy group Sugar and Spice are doing a repeat show of their fantastic play Atrocities. Words can't describe the show - in fact, if you try, its sounds scary - but its actually hillarious. If you've read George Orwells 1984, you will find some nice linkages. Most of all, its really funny comedy. Its on every night till final night this Sat 28th July, at the Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre. Tickets are cheapest on the door- $15. Support local theatre.

2001 bNet NZ Music Awards

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Please vote for: SJD, Sandy Mill, Trinity Roots, The Brunettes, DLT, and King Kapisi. Not wanting to skew the results in any way of course, no way, its not like I have a vested interest or anything, hehe.



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