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Some great gigs happening this weekend, and in a few weeks, you're last chance to checkout The Roughness - our singer Sandy Mill is heading to the UK for 2 months, so we'll be taking a big break. We made it to number one on the bFM TopTen last week! Please vote for The Roughness on the bFM website, to help us keep our number 1 position.

The Mercenaries I'd like to give some props to The Mercenaries who have recently released an EP through I had a listen and I liked it. They play R'n'B and HipHop flavoured originals.

Also, not to be missed on Saturday is the Clash of the Codes down at the Control Room. Its basically Reggae (Bureau De Bashment's Mighty Asterix) versus HipHop (Trueschool Hip Hop Show's DLT and Sirvere). I haven't even mentioned the other members who will be there, but I'm pretty sure you'll see Che-Fu and Slave etc. Sounds awesome.

Thu 19th Apr 10pm
The Roughness The Safari Lounge, Ponsonby Rd, Auckland.
Fri 20th Apr 9pm
The Roughness, Slowdeck, and Foghorn Tabac, 6 Mills Lane, Central Auckland.

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Do you feel that a great personal appearance (style) and a huge personal interest in heavy-duty motors (engines) seem like a contradiction?
This is a joke.

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