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Feb 10th Feb
  SJD and The Incidentals   Summer Series, Albert Park, Central Auckland.

Happy new year! Well I made it through in one piece. I'm taking a break from full-time web design to do more music, and its working out just great! Recently I've been working with SJD on a live act that will feature two drumkits, and also, Harris, a sax player and friend from way back when I had a funk band called Jungle Fungus. I'm also working on a solo project called Tomachi with drums and rhodes. As it transpired, my ex-employer Advantage Group really was too large and ill-communicated to figure out where its value was and so the board of directors pushed down a "trim the tree" directive to my boss - still though I had a great time working there. So if you know of any good web page production jobs let me know - I'm highly proficient in Photoshop, HTML, Javascript, and Flash. The good part is that now I can do lots of music and hope to have my solo album out this year, I'm do pre-production recordings at the moment, some of which will make it through to the final cut.

Last night I saw One Million Dollars at Galatos - these guys are a live funk and soul band - good to see more of this stuff around town I say. Friday sees the Big Day Out, of which I'm looking forward to seeing Jurassic 5. Then comes Groove Armada - yes I've heard they might be coming, I might be playing support for them too (with SJD) unconfirmed.

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Rip It Up Online:
Great Mag! Read it - good info. Reeeaallly good! The website needs UI work (user interface), but the content is cool. And look at that fantastic cover! Nice layouts! My friend Michaela does that. Keep up the good work and buy the real mag remember.

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